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Course Introduction

All you need is your King James Bible

Course Introduction

Do You Believe it possible for us to prevail with God for purity and power and the salvation of sinners?  If we cannot prevail for purity, then let us never ask for purity again. If we cannot prevail for power, then let us never ask for power again. If we cannot prevail with God for the salvation of sinners, then let us never again ask God to save a sinner! Brethren, let us be consistent; prevail with God or stop asking. I repeat, do you believe it is possible for us to prevail with God for purity, power, and the salvation of sinners? In the light of God’s truth; in the light of Church history, and in the light of your own experience, you dare not say no!

The  next question is, When may we prevail? If we ever prevail it will be in the present tense. This idea that we will prevail sometime never won a victory of faith. Never was a sinner saved till he narrowed his expectation of salvation down to the present moment! Never was a believer purified till he limited his faith as to time to the present moment! Never did a believer prevail with god for the salvation of sinners except he looked for the answer now!

Every sentence of god’s Book bearing on this subject says “now!” Every drop of atoning blood of Christ, shed to redeem sinners, cries now! The infinite worth and infinite interest of every lost soul, thunder now!  We will never prevail until wee resolve to prevail. Resolution is a very important factor in this matter of prayer – in the whole matter salvation. Christians who prevail in prayer, do so because they resolve on victory at any cost. We will never prevail until we resolve to prevail now!

The next question is will we prevail now?

Source: Prevailing prayer – Soul Winning by Reverend E. Wigle 1891
Lecture 1 Page 25-26

You Can Be A Soul Winner

Biblical Instruction and Suggested Resolutions For Evangelizing The Lost
Compiled by Richard Cross

The majority of material in this course has been compiled from others who have been effective workers for Christ. I used them extensively because they are proven and effective. All of the credit belongs to them, and all the Glory is to God.

The following instructions and exhortations will enable you to be an effective witness for Jesus Christ. No matter what your abilities God can use you to be an effective witness to the lost.

Romans 1:1 Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, separated unto the gospel of God

We have come out from among them, now let us be separated unto the Gospel of God. We are created unto good works, and you shall receive a reward from our Savior.
1Corinthians 3:14 If any man’s work abide which he hath built thereupon, he shall receive a reward.

If you are a Christian, born again, saved by grace, through faith, then you can be a soul winner!

If you will resolve to following the outline of this course, you will have at your fingertips the fundamentals of effective evangelism. The good news is that you can start winning the lost to Jesus Christ even though you are just starting to take the course.

Certain requirements must be fulfilled for real success in leading lost souls to Christ. Fortunately these are few and simple, and anyone can meet them.

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