Back to The Bible

An exhibit of rare Bibles, Leafs, Artifacts and other historic items from second century B.C. to the present. Each showing has a theme and associated short lecture.

Exhibition Dates

Summer / Fall 2022

Current Theme

Exhibit: Land of the Chaldeans to America
Lecture: The Gun Powder Plot



Come see the Bibles that changed history and set America on fire.

2019 West Coast Tour
Time and place to be announced

More Details

The Book of Genesis

One Man, One Match

Guy Fawkes

Guy Fawkes and the Gun Powder Plot

Why did he want to kill the King and all of Parliament?

Gun Powder Explosion

Was it Providence?

Guy Fawkes was skilled in the use of explosives, and he had the perfect spot to use it.

What was the key factor in the discovery of the plot? The lecture and exhibit “Back to The Bible” will explore this and more.

Remember, Remember the 5th of November

A day that could have changed history. A small band of men were about to change England by blowing up the Monarchy !

Exhibit & Lectures

Year 2019

The Gutenberg Press changed the course of the world.

The cry went out for more Bibles. The Printed word was now available to the masses.

The Gutenberg Bible is said to be the greatest book in the world. It was printed in Latin. William Tyndale would use the Greek for his English translation of the new testament.

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