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Will we, as individuals bring our hearts to the standard of God’s Word? If our hearts are right, our lives will be right.

Christian Workers Society is “A society” of Christians who’s main purpose is the advancement of the Christian Faith by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the building up by Scripture Christians thoroughly furnished unto all good works. Thereby we support the work of the local church.

He Took His Own Life

Some years ago there was a television program by the name of “Dragnet”. It was based on the true stories of the Los Angeles Police

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Some “Christians” say that they had or are having dreams. They say  it is of the Lord. “Spiritual Dreamers”.Because they are deceived , don’t you

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Salvation by Works?

Salvation by works? WARNINGFalse teaching about sanctification is an evil cloak used to teach that works are a part of salvation, or that your works

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The Little Vacant Chair

The Little Vacant Chair Oh, take it up so tenderly,And handle it with care,Because it is my darling’sLittle empty rocking chair. Oh, God, but this

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The Drinking House

The Drinking House The room was so cold and cheerless and bare,With its rickety table and one broken chair,With its curtainless window with hardly a

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